I computer sono inutili, possono dare solo risposte.

— Pablo Picasso


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Ubuntu Server for Small Business, eBook and Book

The situation of a school or a small or very small business where the desire to save money without sacrificing security or efficiency is a primary need, is the perfect environment for solutions based on GNU Linux, an operating system very widespread and with proven efficiency, security and scalability. With this powerful guide you learn how to use Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Server Edition to create and administer an powerful, modern and complete system suitable to school and to small and very small business.

This book in also available on Italian language .

How create a ePUB with OpenOffice and Sigil

http://www.stenoweb.it/files/blog/epub-logo.png I had already decided that I want to create the eBook version in EPUB format , especially for the usual question of "damn, I do not know to do and I'd like to know how to do it". Awesome :D. However I imagined it would be easier, especially considering that I began from a nice file, already made up using OpenOffice. And here I had my first delusion: OpenOffice, and its ODT format, as regards ePUB, has a lack of popularity ... :(

Ubuntu Small Business Server, il libro

http://www.stenoweb.it/files/blog/linuxsbs.jpg Lo scenario di una scuola o di una piccola o piccolissima azienda dove il desiderio di risparmiare senza sacrificare la sicurezza o l' efficienza è un bisogno primario, diventa il terreno perfetto per soluzioni basate su GNU Linux, un sistema operativo di larghissima diffusione nella rete delle reti e dalla comprovata efficienza, sicurezza e scalabilità.

E ora, con realizzeremo un piccolo ma efficente, moderno e completo sistema utilizzando Ubuntu Server 8.04 LTS Server Edition che ci garantisce aggiornamenti fino al 2013.

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