Become my Affiliate to earn money from book sale, is free!

Affiliate program

Welcome to my affiliate program, sign up for free and earn yourself effortlessly from the sale of my books in eBook version.

Think that promoting on your site or blog , you can earn a commission equal to 50% of the purchase value! Yeah, you have understood well, you and I are doing "Fifty Fifty"..

How? It 'easy! Just speak briefly, or write a short review, about the book and place a small banner or even a simple link that will be provided on your website and tracking sales commissions are generated automatically!
The only thing you need is a account on which a monthly basis to receive your earnings.
Read on to learn more!

1. But how does it work? I put a buy button on my site?

No, it is not necessary, simply put the link (Hop Link) that you will be given in your page. Clicking your Hop Link sets a cookie in the buyer's browser which expires in 6 months, then we redirect them to the . Every affiliate-eligible product that buyer purchases from me during the life of that cookie, will earn you a commission, even if they go back to the my site directly later without clicking through your link again. More info .

2. How do I become an affiliate and start earning money?

It's easy:

  1. Click on and register for a new account if you don't have one.
  2. You will arrive at
  3. Click on "Get Affiliate Code", select "Merchant" Stefano Giro and after the button "GET AFFILIATE CODE"
  4. Select "Ubuntu Small Business Server 10.04 - ENGLISH" and click on "GET AFFILIATE CODE" button.
  5. Paste your link code into the HTML source of your own Web page;

Obviously the look of the link can be customized as you like, of course it is important to maintain the correct address to which to point.
At this point E-Junkie will automatically keep track of transactions and buyers generated from your link or banner.

3. But I can buy myself the ebook?

Sure. In this case you will buy the ebook at 50%

5. How do I get my earnings?

Every month, directly to your Paypal account.

6. But what are my responsibilities?

None. I repeat, don't cost anything and your earnings will be proportionate to your commitment.

7. I earn even from the printed version?

No, you can't. Unfortunately for now does not offer a similar service.
If you need more information